Merry Piglets Menu



Avocado, onion, cilantro, lemon


2 beef flautas, 2 chicken flautas, small order of nachos and a taste of queso & guacamole


A mountain of corn chips topped with cheddar & Oaxaca cheeses, refried beans, red onion, tomato, black olive, sliced jalapeno, sour cream, guacamole and choice of protein: Shredded beef, chicken, ground beef or pork


Fresh jalapenos dusted with cayenne pepper then fried and grilled to perfection


Housemade Cheese Blend


Queso mixed with ground beef and topped with a scoop of guacamole & Pico de Gallo

FLAUTAS (6)  $8

Your choice of shredded beef or chicken rolled up in corn tortillas with cheddar cheese

Tex-Mex Plates

Enchilada Plate $15

oaxaca & cheddar cheese topped with black olives, sour cream, queso fresco & choice of sauce
add shredded beef, shredded chicken, ground beef, pork or vegetable or any combination + 3

Shrimp Enchilada $18

sautéed shrimp & cheese topped with queso fresco and your choice of sauce.

“Old School” Tacos $12

two tacos with lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and your choice of protein: shredded beef, shredded chicken, ground beef or pork

Taco-Enchilada Plate $13

one enchilada with choice of sauce and one “old school” taco

Spinach/Chicken Enchilada $14

topped with green chili sauce, black olives, Oaxaca cheese & queso fresco.

Piglet Sampler $17

one “old school” taco, one enchilada and one mini chimichanga, topped with sour cream & choice of sauce

Cheese Chile Relleno $16

two hand rolled, stuffed Anaheim peppers topped with choice of sauce

Relleno-Enchilada Combo $16

one cheese chile relleno & one enchilada topped with sour cream, black olives, cheddar cheese, queso fresco & choice of sauce

Chimichanga Plate $16

stuffed with cheddar cheese and your choice of protein, topped with sour cream and choice of sauce
choose: shredded beef, shredded chicken, ground beef, pork or vegetable or any combination

Seafood Chimichanga $18

grilled shrimp, mahi-mahi & oaxaca cheese topped with choice of sauce

Carne Asada $24

marinated skirt steak, topped with grilled green onions. served with a fresh jalapeño, guacamole & pico de gallo with a flour tortilla on the side

Surf & Turf $26

grilled shrimp served atop our carne asada & topped with green onions, fresh jalapeno, guacamole and pico de gallo

Green Chili Beef Tamales $16

two handmade tamales filled with shredded beef & oaxaca cheese, topped with green chili sauce

Green Chili Burrito $14

topped with lettuce, sour cream, red onion, oaxaca, cheddar, and fresco cheeses. smothered in green chili sauce and filled with refried beans and your choice of protein: shredded beef, shredded chicken, ground beef or pork

Asada Burrito $16

skirt steak inside a flour tortilla with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & black beans with choice of sauce

Veggie Burrito $13

rice, cheese, zucchini, squash, green pepper, onion, sweet potato, spinach & tomato with your choice of sauce

Rice Bowls

Large bowl filled with Spanish rice, black beans, lettuce, feta cheese, fresh sliced avocado and topped with pico de gallo. Choose from one of the following:

Grilled Chicken Breast $15
Grilled Skirt Steak $18
Grilled Mahi-Mahi $16
Sauteed Shrimp $18
Veggie Bowl $14

Sautéed green peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, broccoli, spinach & tomatoes served onto rice, black beans, lettuce, feta cheese, fresh sliced avocado & topped with pico de gallo.


Blackened Chicken $14

mixed greens, broccoli, green onions, fresh tomatoes & feta cheese. Tossed with our balsamic vinaigrette

Taco Grande $12

fried flour tortilla bowl filled with mixed greens and topped with crumbled queso fresco, black olive, sour cream & our salsa with your choice of protein:
shredded beef, shredded chicken, ground beef or pork

Fajita $14

flame grilled chicken or skirt steak, onion & green pepper served atop of mixed salad. topped with crumbled queso fresco & guacamole with a flour tortilla on the side

Mexican Chicken Caesar $14

grilled chicken, chopped avocado & crumbled queso fresco

Santa Fe Chicken $14

grilled chicken, lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, broccoli, green onion & fresh orange slices topped with corn tortilla chips & tossed with a soy-ginger dressing

Merry Piglets Classics

Cheese Crisp SM $7 LG $10

Fried flour tortilla topped with beans, cheddar cheese, lettuce & salsa.
An original!

Baja Roll $12

shredded chicken in a flour tortilla with spicy jalapeno cream cheese, fresh spinach, chopped tomato & guacamole with a side of salsa verde & black beans

Fresh Fish Tostada $14

grilled mahi-mahi & refried beans served on two fried corn tortillas with lettuce, tomato, queso fresco, sour cream & tomatillo salsa

Cheese Steak Burrito $12

grilled bell peppers & onion, lettuce and tomato with oaxaca and cheddar cheeses and a side of fries.

Huevos Rancheros $12

two fried eggs & refried beans atop two corn tortillas. smothered in oaxaca cheese & choice of red or green chili sauce. fresh avocado, queso fresco. served with a flour tortilla

Tex-Mex Burrito $14

filled with rice, red onion, oaxaca cheese & lettuce with your choice of protein. topped with pico de gallo & choice of sauce with a side of black beans

Fiesta Chicken $16

grilled chicken with red onion, green chilies, tomato & oaxaca cheese, served sizzling with side of rice

Street Tacos

Grilled Mahi-Mahi ginger slaw, mango salsa & cilantro aioli sauce 4.5

Tacos al Carbon marinated skirt steak, cilantro, white onion, tomatillo salsa 4.5

shrimp ginger slaw, grilled pineapple salsa, spicy guacamole sauce 4.5

Grilled Steak sautéed onion and jalapeno, queso fresco, miguels salsa 4.5

Tacos al Pastor guajillo pepper and pineapple marinated pork, cilantro, onions, chili de arbol sauce 4.5

Buffalo Chicken lightly breaded chicken, green onion, celery, lettuce, feta cheese, ranch dressing 3.5

Chipotle Battered Mahi-Mahi ginger slaw, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo 4.5

Veggie sweet potato, black bean, corn, cilantro, avocado, queso fresco 3.5

Kickin’ Chicken grilled marinated chicken, poblano pepper, queso fresco, salsa verde drizzle 3.5

Spicy Chorizo roasted potato and 3-pepper salsa. 3.5


Cheese $10

cheddar & oaxaca cheese, green chiles, red onion & salsa with a side of rice

Wendell Special $12

cheddar cheese with your choice of protein and a side of rice.

BLT $12

sun dried tomato tortilla, oaxaca & cheddar cheeses, bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado with a side of fries.

Shrimp $16

shrimp, red onion, tomato, green chilies & Oaxaca cheese with a side of salsa verde & black beans

Chicken $12

shredded chicken, green chiles, onion & Oaxaca cheese. Side of salsa verde & rice

Spinach $12

sautéed spinach, onion, tomato, green chiles & Oaxaca cheese. Topped with green chili sauce, lettuce, & queso fresco with a side of rice

Flame Grilled Fajitas

Grilled onion & green pepper with sour cream, guacamole, rice, beans, cheese, tomatoes & tortillas

Vegetarian $18

green pepper, onion, zucchini, squash, broccoli, spinach & tomato

Chicken $20
Beef or Combo (Beef & Chicken) $22
Shrimp $26